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We are an independant magazine centered on Paganism, magick, and the occult. Our articles feature such topics as archaeology, cosmology, customs, folklore, hagiography, herbalism, history, and mythology. We do not publish fiction. read more...

All around the world forests are cut down and sacred places are destroyed in the name of progress. There are those among us that stand to protect the land. We voice a call to action and offer their stories. Find out about current efforts to preserve and protect the sanctity of the land. read more..


Traditions Magazine is a magazine for alternative and earth centered spirituality and magick. We are currently accepting submissions for non-fiction articles and artwork. All submissions must be the original work of the author or artist. We are currently not accepting simultaneous submissions or fiction.

If your manuscript or artwork is selected for inclusion, we request that the author grant us both electronic and printing rights for publication. This allows us to feature the author's or artist's work in the Traditions Magazine magazine and website. However, if the author or artist does not desire to have their work featured online they will need to specify their request during the submission process. We are not able to grant any form of payment for articles or artwork at this time. The editor reserves the right to edit any work submitted for publication. Any editing which is performed will be done at the editor's discretion for fairly standardized reasons such as clarity, grammar, or length.

Articles should be no longer than 3500 words and include proper references and citation of sources. We also welcome select works of well written poetry and letters to the editor. Electronic submissions should be in either text (txt) or rich text (rtf) format. If you need to use another file format, please contact [email protected] to see if we are able to read that particular file type.

Both b&w and color artwork are accepted. If submitting artwork electronicly, please make sure the file format is in either jpeg or gif. Again, ff you need to use another file format, please contact [email protected] to see if we are able to read that particular file type.

To submit your work, please send your manuscript or artwork electronicly to [email protected] or via standard mail to Traditions Magazine, attn: Editor, PO Box 291117, Tampa, FL 33678-1117. Please remember to include a SASE or IRC if you want your manuscript returned to you.

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In each issue of Traditions Magazine, we try to cover a specific archaeological site and provide readers with relevant information about the folklore and stories associated with that area.


It is our goal to provide perspectives from many different traditions. We offer informative outlooks that include well researched articles and insightful commentaries. We also include book reviews, interviews, and a chance for readers to express their thoughts and opinions.
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