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We are an independant magazine centered on Paganism, magick, and the occult. Our articles feature such topics as archaeology, cosmology, customs, folklore, hagiography, herbalism, history, and mythology. We do not publish fiction. read more...

All around the world forests are cut down and sacred places are destroyed in the name of progress. There are those among us that stand to protect the land. We voice a call to action and offer their stories. Find out about current efforts to preserve and protect the sanctity of the land. read more..

Welcome to Traditions Magazine!

Traditions is a journal of Pagan spirituality and magick. The magazine is scheduled to make its first debut release this Samhain 2004. Our mission is to provide innovative and well researched information regarding Paganism and its many cultural traditions. We offer an opportunity to explore Paganism using both scholarship and experience. We also provide valuable resources to aid in building and strengthening the Pagan community.

Strawberry Tree
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The Strawberry Tree
Rediscovering the Trees of Ancient Ireland

An article detailing the strawberry tree, known in Latin as Arbutus unedo, and its place in the folklore of ancient Ireland. Also an investigation into the possibility of the arbutus as a letter in the Celtic tree ogham.


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Faerie Horses

In our next issue we will be featuring an article on faerie horses. We will delve into the folklore of the Irish phooka, Manx glastyn, and Scottish kelpie. We will then explore the use of faerie steeds popular stories such as Tam Lin and Oisin.


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Swan Maidens

There are many legends concerning swans maidens that can be found within Insular and Northern Europe. Swan maidens could be distinguished from their animal counterparts by the visible chains which bound them. The swan is associated with the bardic craft as well as the battlefield. In some cultures it is the swan which carries the souls of the dead to the Otherworld. For more information on swan maidens, be sure to take a look at our next issue of Traditions Magazine!


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In each issue of Traditions Magazine, we try to cover a specific archaeological site and provide readers with relevant information about the folklore and stories associated with that area.


It is our goal to provide perspectives from many different traditions. We offer informative outlooks that include well researched articles and insightful commentaries. We also include book reviews, interviews, and a chance for readers to express their thoughts and opinions.
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